How You Can Help

The recovery or life of a child depends on your well needed financial support. Angels of Love Jamaica is most appreciative of your time and generosity. But there is still much to do and more kids to save. Join us in our cause and help us to spread the love.

Become A Member/Volunteer

To become a registered member you MUST:
1) Attend at least ONE (1) general meeting- for any of the various chapters
2) Attend at least ONE (1) volunteering session at Bustamante Hospital for Children or Pediatric wards of May Pen Hospital or University Hospital of the West Indies.
3) Attend at least ONE (1) project(Bazaar/Bake Sale etc.)
4) Submit a volunteer data form along with a passport-sized photograph (digital photo ok)
5) Pay a yearly membership fee of $500 PLUS ID fee of $550

To become a registered volunteer with our organization you MUST:
1) Submit a volunteer data form along with a passport-sized photograph (digital photo ok)
2) Volunteer at any projects/volunteer sessions outside of hospitals

Volunteers cannot come to meetings being held at a hospital or hospital visits, as a valid AOLJA ID is required. 
Volunteers can participate at events outside the hospitals 
If you would like to attend a meeting being held at a hospital, please email and request a guest ID
Completed forms and the relevant documents and fee can be given to Jacqui Chung at CMART (Readers Bookstore) in Liguanea Plaza, or at a general meeting.
For further information feel free to message us or send an email to

If you are interested in volunteering with Angels Of Love Jamaica, please complete this form or contact us.


You can donate in many different ways:

By Mail

Angels Of Love Jamaica

P.O.BOX 2881

Kingston 8

Jamaica W.I

By Bank

Angels Of Love Jamaica

Jamaica National Building Society

RSV #10910559 ( JN AFFINITY PLUS )

Angels Of Love Jamaica

National Commercial Bank Ja. Ltd.

A/C # 334197174

Angels of Love Jamaica

Scotiabank The Bank of Nova Scotia Ja. Ltd.

A/C # 817439

By Remittance

Jamaica National Money Services

A/C Angels Of Love Jamaica

10-12 Grenada Crescent

Kingston 5,

Jamaica W viagra pris. I.


By Phone



Goodwill Drop Off Location

Access Cambio

28 Main Street

May Pen, Clarendon

Jamaica W. I.




Readers Book Store, Liguanea Plaza


Jamaica, W.I.

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Dress Code To Volunteer At Hospital

Please remember the strict dress code: no short shorts/skirts, sleeveless tops, open-toed shoes, no low-cut tops with cleavage showing.

Kindly take along a toy/book/game to entertain the children during volunteering.